1. This is a Demo, NOT a Beta.

2. It is entirely free. No purchase or pre-order required.

3. The demo is available on the following Platforms: PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC (Steam & streaming with NVIDIA GeForce NOW).

4. The download size for the demo is: PC: Minimum 24GB (possibly more after decompression) Consoles: Minimum 22GB (possibly more after decompression).

5. Crossplay is available in the demo, but it will be in beta form and will need to be manually enabled via your settings.

6. Our Discord has been set up with plenty of Looking-ForGroup voice channels in case you’re looking to party up with any other players in particular.

7. There is no time limit, either for playing or for accessing it prior to launch. The demo is also planned to remain live beyond launch.

8. The demo includes the game’s prologue & opening chapter. This means that gear & enemies that you come across will be the early game variants. The further you get in the full Outriders story, the more twisted, exotic and powerful both gear & enemies will become.

9. The demo includes all 4 classes and 6 character slots. This means you can try out every class without needing to delete any characters.

10. You will be able to transfer your progress if you play the main game on the same platform account (Platforms are PlayStation / Xbox / Steam) Progress will not transfer between the Demo on Steam and the Full Game on the Epic Store.


See You On Enoch!


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